RatioSec is an umbrella project conducted by a group of highly skilled professionals, including a number of consultants currently working in the european market.

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Application Security Assessment

Our applicative penetration testing perform real–world attack simulations in order find any critical vulnerability on your applications before an attacker does. RatioSec’s security experts have a blend of experience in enterprise web application and services, mobile devices and applications, thin and fat clients, and embedded and automation systems.

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Infrastructure Security Assessment

An accurate security assessment of your network infrastructure and services allow to identify the exact vulnerabilities and threats that can compromise the integrity and availability of your business providing, at the end of the analysis, an appropriate plan for their resolution.

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Secure Code audit

Our static and dynamic code analysis techniques will improve your development cycle reducing the time and costs associated with the bug fixing process. Our analysts will report every issue and train your developers during the fixing process to prevents future issues.

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