The infrastructure are the bases for their systems, applications and information protection, playing a vital role to ensure your business continuity. We can perform an attack simulations to your systems as an external or internal attacker perspective making you aware of any potential risk in advance.

External Infrastructure Testing

External infrastructure testing simulates the perspective of an a hacker carrying out malicious activities from across the internet. It involves surveying available network services, interrogating them for weaknesses, and trying to exploit them to compromise the network. We also provide an automated Internet Facing Vulnerability Assessment service to continuously assess your public-facing infrastructure to discover new vulnerabilities in a timely fashion. The assessments provide assurance that a network is safe from external threats.

Internal Infrastructure Testing

Internal infrastructure testing is usually conducted is a scenario and risk-based assessment which explores the consequences of a rogue employer or contractor carrying out malicious activities from the internal network. Internal infrastructure assessments provide assurance that an internal network is safe from internal and external threats.

Wireless Infrastructure Testing

The wireless networks create new opportunities for attackers to gain access to your internal networks and compromise the network integrity. We analyse the network’s infrastructure to identify the existing vulnerabilities and their possible exploitation from an attacker’s perspective in order to compromise the network integrity.

Host Build and Configuration Review

The build reviews ensure that the operating systems builds installed on your laptops, workstations and servers are configured securely. Insecure environments allow a malicious users to obtain unauthorised access, and if a vulnerable standard build is deployed across your estate, the impact can be significant. We review Unix and Windows systems configurations, web servers, database servers and application servers.